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VTMAS No.12: The Pirate’s Booty

“Uh oh, it’s just me and you, Mary.” I gave me boss a smirk as I walked into the store and clocked in.

“Should I be scared?” Puzzled, she questioned the idea of being alone with me.

“Last time it was Luke and I, we got Outlaws, Warlocks, and a knight… so who knows what we might end up with.” We laughed for a moment before getting to work.

It was an unusually dead day at the store. It was in Tourist-ville Orlando, or as we called it I-Drive. Traffic was even lighter than usual, and we both found our stomachs growling as we waited on the next shift to start so we could take our lunch breaks.

“I’m starving…” Mary exasperated. “I should have ate earlier…”

My stomach grumbled in agreement, “Yea, I sort of skipped eating because I thought I was running late.”

Looking up, something caught my eye through the window. Half of our store was just glass walls along the sidewalk sides of it. Two pirates were walking by carrying a huge stack of pizzas.

“Pirates! With Pizza!” Mary gave me a befuddled look. “No really, over there! LOOK!”

Much to her surprise, there were two pirates with pizzas walking along our store. We were so hungry…. so we found ourselves puppy dog eyeing the pizzas they carried. The pirate must have felt our glare, because he stopped and looked at us. We gave our sweetest smiles and he pointed to the pizzas, questioning what we were so in love with. We nodded excitedly, both of us rubbing our tummies. He laughed and shook his head no and off they went.

We sulked there, sad that we didn’t convince the pirates to part with even one of his pizzas. Suddenly, the door dinged and we heard,

“Arg! Ye want pizza?” The pirates had circled back!

“YES!” We exclaimed.

about an hour later another employee walked in, confused as to where we had gotten the pizza from. We simply replied, “We stole it from some pirates.”

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