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VTMAS No.5: Clown Hair

It was another afternoon of boredom as I sat on the couch with my Uncle Ymmit. Nothing was going on, and to be honest, I don’t recall what we were even waiting on. All I know is that we had both broken our gaze from the television at the same time. A red orange glow had glared through the front window from the approaching guest and we both looked at one another in confusion.

My brow furrowed as I lipped, Who do we know with RED hair?

Ronald McDonald? Was the lipped response from my Uncle as he stood up to open the door.

“JULIE!” Was the screech we first heard (my mother’s name) as my Great Grandmother came into the house in a panic. “Where’s Julie? I need her to fix my hair!”

“Oh my God!” I cringed at the clown colored hair. “She’s not home yet, you’ll have to wait for her to get here, Granny.”

“Granny!” Exclaimed my Uncle, he could no longer hold back the laughter. “I thought you were Ronald McDonald coming up the steps! Bringing me a big mac or happy meal~!”

We all burst into laughter over the ordeal. Thankfully my Great Grandmother thought the situation was just as funny, and it was “corrected” by the end of the day to a much more mellow color.

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