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VTMAS No. 68: What Was That?

If anyone is close to me, you would know that we’ve been battling this whole weird ear problem with our youngest son, Link. The poor 3-year-old is sometimes partially deaf due to airborne allergies. It’s the craziest thing, so naturally the doctors have him on allergy medications in hopes of relieving the swelling happening in his ear canal and sinuses that make the world sound muffled to him.

This was about a month into the regiment and we were seeing improvement. He was reacting to sounds and on occasion talking finally! I had picked him up and sat him on the bed so I could put his socks and shoes on. Daddy was fast asleep right behind him and he was watching as I slide on a sock and strapped on a shoe.

BRR-rrrrt! Suddenly my husband let out a loud fart.

So loud Link jumped, looked back at my husband and exclaimed, “What was that?”

I died laughing. Apparently it was his first time hearing a Daddy fart.

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