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VTMAS No.24: Curiousity

At some point in my high school career I took a Creative Writing course. We were a small mix of students from different backgrounds, different grades, and most definitely each unique in the term “creative”. Many stories came out of this class but it was that first day that we all found ourselves sitting there thinking, For the love of mankind, do not ask about the hole in the teacher’s neck, Jenny… Our teacher, who I absolutely enjoyed and it’s so hard to find a creative writing teacher not pressuring you into writing like them or in one style had one unique thing about her: the hole in her neck. Mind you, I knew a tracheotomy, or hole made in a throat, could be a variety of reasons; heart attacks, strokes, choking, and so forth. So we found ourselves in the presence of the super outgoing, a blast to be in class with “Jenny” who had not broken her stare on the hole in our teachers neck.

The rest of us had decided it was none of our business, but Jenny was drowning us in her sura of CURIOSITY. Finally the teacher asked if anyone had any questions for her, and without hesitation her hand shot up like a rocket. Worse, Jenny was like a six foot tall girl, you can’t miss when she rose her hand, and so, the teacher called on her.

“Why is there a hole in your neck?” Everyone moaned and either covered their face or hit their heads on the desks. “Not to be rude, but I was just curious.”

And the teacher, being the calm and understanding lady she was, explained that she had experienced a medical emergency in which called for the tracheotomy and thus now has to have a hole in her neck.

I’m sure it wasn’t the first time she had to answer it, but it was all laughed about even by the teacher with the enthusiasm and excitement the question had been asked.

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