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VTMAS No.37: Not the Average Door Salesman

As proof that my odd and bizarre luck still comes into my life, today’s story happened this past weekend. I was zoning out on the computer as my husband headed out the door to go do one of his manly runs to home depot when he stopped halfway through the doorway. This caught my attention, so I watched as he visibly stared at the ground, and then shook his head looked again.

Leaning back in the door he asked, “Honey, can you come out here a minute?”

Furrowing my brow I replied, “Sure….”

I start to walk out the door when I froze. Looking down at our feet there sat a tortoise. Looking him over, I knew exactly what kind it was.

“Um, there’s a sulcata at our door.” Now I was searching the porch and yard for a note of sorts. “And someone is probably crying because they lost a very expensive exotic pet. Definitely not a native species.”

“Ok, but why is it on the porch?” We were still working it through our thoughts when the tortoise poked his head back out of its shell.

As he started to eat grass pieces off my rain soaked flip flops I laughed. “He’s hungry I guess. Well, he came to the right house… better start looking for his owner.”

At the moment, still no signs of where the sulcata came from. I have left ads and my name and number at numerous places in my area, but we may end up with a new pet with zero leads as to where he started from. Apparently he fell victim to mistaken identity and a lot of the people assumed he was a native Gopher Tortoise. Being hardcore in knowing my Florida wildlife and growing up in a highly populated Gopher Tortoise area, it was very obvious to me he was not one. Color and texture and overall mannerism was too misplaced.

If any updates, such as finding the owner, happens I will update it here on this post.

FOUND THE OWNER’S! School started and was able to narrow down who it was that was missing a tortoise. His name is “Andre3000” and is back where he belongs!

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