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VTMAS No.42: The Scooter Gang

We’ve all been on family vacations, but occasionally one comes along that leaves a lasting impression. Being in Florida, going to the Beach was at least a must once a year. I was still in high school and my mother’s boyfriend, coined “Papa Jon”, had his son Cody down as well. It was instantly decided we would be taking a “family vacation” to Daytona Beach.

It was a gorgeous clear day, the sand hot under your feet, the waves rolling in weren’t too wild or choppy, and we were having a good time. Papa Jon suddenly rolls up in a rental golf cart, and well, Cody and I laughed.

“C’mon! Get on!” Jon motioned excited about this endeavour.

“All of us?” I questioned as I looked over the rickety worn down device.

It was very clear that it had been “ridden hard” by tourist. It had a bench seat where the driver was and a mirrored bench seat on the back. Cody and I looked to one another furrowing our brows. We already knew that my mother and little sister would claim the front, which left the two largest people on the back of this thing. With a reluctant sigh, we decided to entertain this “family fun” idea being presented to us.

That poor golf cart sunk almost to the sand after we all loaded you. In the front was Jon the driver, my mother and my little sister who for some reason insisted on hanging her upper half with its bright pink bikini top out of the vehicle. Codt and I were nervous as we discovered the copious amount of tanning oil had turned the back seat into a frictionless slide. We both had to grasp the rooftop edge and a sidebar to even stay on as Jon giggled in excitement.

“Hang on!” This was all done in a battlecry manner, “I’m gunnin’ it!”

With the pedal to the floor it could barely beat me at a speed walk. Cody and I were laughing to tears as we slid all over the seat, barely staying on as it “sped” down the beach.

“Ah man…” Jon’s disappointment was near heartbreaking at this moment.

He started to zig-zag, we could only assume for gaining momentum before Cody shouted, “DAD! Stop it we’re falling off!”

Cody and I turned our attention to the beach finally only to watch as 3 tourist on rental scooters were catching up.

“Dad!” Giggled Cody, “The scooters are catching up!”

“OH NO!” The reaction startled me as Jon shouted, “THE SCOOTER GANGS CATCHING UP TO US!”

He repeatedly slammed the gas as he leaned over the wheel. The tiny overloaded golf cart was wobbling and weaving. In my panic of sliding off the seat, I grabbed on to Cody.

“Get off ME!” He laughed, “You’re gonna make me fall off too!”

“Jon!” I wailed as Cody pushed me back into the seat. “I’m sliding off!”

About this time, the “Scooter Gang” lead rider had made it around and was level to where my sister was hanging out of the beachside clown car.

“Hi! My name’s Kasie!” She was attempting to hit on the guy, but he put more power into the scooter and fled. “Awwww…”

Needless to say, at this point Cody and I decided to bail and walk back to the hotel.

But, I would never forget the absurdity of the whole golf cart rental incident and still laugh about it today!

BONUS! Found a comic I drew back when it happened! There’s a good chance the dialogue in this is more accurate since it was drawn a few weeks after the event:

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