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VTMAS No.67: Baby the Cockatoo

If you haven’t read far enough back, you may not realize I worked a wide variety of jobs, internships, and even volunteered myself out often in my youth. One notable job was my time spent at the veterinarian office in Winter Garden, Florida. I loved it, and as my first official job, it became wicked awesome when I realized I had landed a job where we were frequented by exotic animals and birds.

One bird that has forever left an impression on me was the shy and so kind cockatoo, Baby. When I came in, it was the first time I had ever seen the bird species in all my life. Ivette was leaving me some instructions and answering a lot of my questions.

“Aww she’s so pretty!” I gasped.

“Hi, I’m Baby.” Whispered the bird, cocking her head in a bashful manner and even hiding her face under a wing.

“She adorable.” Ivette agreed. “Apparently she has some new owners, but her previous owner was a smoker.”

I made a face, the information feeling awkward. “How do you know her old owner was a smoker?”

She laughed as she walked away. “You’ll see.”

Turning back to the bird, she bobbed her head whispering. “You’re so pretty.”

“Aww!” Not everyday you get a compliment from a bird. “Thank you, Baby. I think you’re pretty too!”

She then flapped her wings, her head feathers flaring as she went on a a rant. “I’m Baby! I’m pretty! Squawk!”

And suddenly, she began coughing… “Ka-ha… Ka-ha… ka-ha.”

Baby had a smoker’s cough.

Picture compliments of by flodambricourt:

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