VTMAS No.15: The Potty Dilemma

Men all know the envious and jealous stares they get for the ease in which they can pee anywhere. Here is my comical story of trying to find some place to relieve myself. We were on the long drive to Gainesville, Florida, about three hours before we would get to my Dad’s house. The Okahumpka (Yes, this is a town in Florida) rest stop had came and went and we had hit the desolate part of Florida’s Turnpike. If you’ve driven on this expressway, you know it has many desolate spa

VTMAS No.8: McDonald’s Creeper

This actually happened the other week. Many of my friends who have had the pleasure of hanging out with me in person can confirm one thing: Val is a magnet for weirdos. I was sitting at the McDonald’s with a good friend of mine. She had asked for some advice on gathering research for a story she wanted to write. We reviewed what she had already gathered and pointed out that she needed at least a file or notebook to put down her thoughts, wants, and needs for the story as she

VTMAS No. 7: Do You Still Have Your Fingers?

This is a more recent event, and it really shows how numb you can become towards your spouse’s quirks: I was having a good day. For a change, the urge to procrastinate had lifted and as I hit a new peak of super Mom and Editing diva, I was feeling great. The kids had went down for their nap, at the same time and my phone started to buzz across my desk as I worked on my latest edits. It was my husband text messaging me: Husband: Sorry babe, I put a hole in my new underwear. S

VTMAS No. 6: Self-Storage

I had given up focusing on the buildings and signs that were passing by. I was sitting in the back seat of my mother’s car when suddenly my sister demanded we solve one of life’s biggest mysteries. “Val, I have a question!” Her face was scrunched, you could tell she was confused by something she had read as we passed it. “I don’t get it!” “Don’t get what?” I glared over, not breaking my chin’s perch on my hand. “What’s your question?” “Self-Storage!” She flustered, “Why would

VTMAS No.2: Knights, Warlocks, & Outlaws

Looking at my watch, I eagerly looked out the glass windows and doors wondering where Larry was. The phone rang, and with much relief it was him. He was on his way, just running late. It was fine, considering he had been in a motorcycle accident, but I didn’t want to work the first day of Bike Week solo at the Harley Davidson shop on I-Drive, Orlando’s Tourist Alley. With a deep sigh I mustered a smile at the waiting customers, a gang of 5 Outlaws (A biker gang). They came in

VTMAS No. 1: Good Morning SWAT Team

NOTE: I had only been living there for 2 months… if that: I had stayed up far too late, so I was half asleep as I rolled out of bed at 5:45 am. All I could echo in my head was, “Val, don’t forget to grab your purse out of Sean’s truck and put it in the car.”.  Apparently I was moving in slow motion or something because as I sat there copying files to my Portable Drive I realized it was close to 6:30 pm. I opened the passenger side of the car, readying myself to grab my purse

Tell Me A Story Series – Intro

If you are familiar with my blog over on BlogSpot, then you already know what this is about. For those new to this series, I welcome you to dive in here on WordPress where I will be slowly posting these once a week to follow my postings on Blogspot. The Tell me a Story Series is a reflection of something I do in person. Friends and Family alike will tell you that I have a lot of them, these stories, and they can get bizarre, scary and outrageous. These are all true stories to