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VTMAS No.2: Knights, Warlocks, & Outlaws

Looking at my watch, I eagerly looked out the glass windows and doors wondering where Larry was. The phone rang, and with much relief it was him. He was on his way, just running late. It was fine, considering he had been in a motorcycle accident, but I didn’t want to work the first day of Bike Week solo at the Harley Davidson shop on I-Drive, Orlando’s Tourist Alley. With a deep sigh I mustered a smile at the waiting customers, a gang of 5 Outlaws (A biker gang).

They came in, loud and excited, they were more than happy to flirt with me. As I received threats of being kidnapped and put on the back of one of their bikes to head to Daytona Beach, more motorcycles were arriving to the shop. Larry? Nope, it was 5 more bikers pulling up, and then my eyes caught their club vests. Warlocks? The Outlaw’s rival biker gang?!?!?! Oh my God… I am toast. Warlocks now poured into my store and I was still running the shop solo.

At first I was holding my breath as both gangs eyed one another. Much to my relief some of them started shaking hands and exchanging stories. By some chance, I had 10 rowdy bikers, all pumped up to start their bike ride to Daytona in Orlando, trolling my store… and no signs of hostility or my fellow employee Larry. A few of them were now making their purchases and asking for pins.

At this point, I was fussing at two of them to stop locking my doors. They were increasingly getting more serious about kidnapping me since I let it slip I have never been. Something shiny caught my eye at the opposite doors and when I turned my attention to it, I went pale. This has to be a prank…. Where is Larry? No one is going to believe me…!

I watched in disbelief as a Knight in full Armor and his Medieval dress Squire enter my store. All the chatter ceased and the two biker gangs turned their full attention to the two men. Biting my lip, I awaited the reaction and prayed that SOMEONE would show up in time to see this mess. No one is ever going to believe me!

“What are you? Knights?” Grunted one outlaw, his brow furrowed.

“Why yes, my Lord.” I am pretty sure I face palmed myself as he answered in character. Either this knight was brave or stupid. “We have traveled far from the Medieval Times arena!”

“What is that? A dinner show?” A warlock responded as he stroked his beard. He was standing next to the Outlaw that wore the same serious face. “I think I saw a sign about that place.”

“Why yes!” The knight exclaimed. “My squire and I came to ye Harley Shop whilst on break from our Practice!”

Suddenly there was a burst of laughter from all twelve customers. I jerked from the unexpected eruption as I watched the 2 bikers shake hands with the Medieval men and continue to ask questions. All my fears melted, and thanks to the Knight-in-shining-armor, I was no longer being threatened to be kidnapped.

By the time Larry approached, there were 3 warlock, an outlaw, and the Knight standing out front chatting and laughing it up. I watched through the windows as Larry stared at the group like a dog would to a high pitched sound. Freeing himself from this baffled state he finally walked inside, his expression filled of confusion.

“Do you see that out front?” Larry exclaimed in disbelief. “What the **** is going on Val?”

“See… you all make fun of me for telling outlandish stories. There you go, now you can tell the rest of them that I’m not making this shit up.” I mumbled with my arms crossed. “Next time get here on time, because this seems to happen when I am left alone… now here, go get me a liter of Dr. Pepper from the Walgreen’s over there. I need it after this morning…”

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