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VTMAS No.22: My Spicy Valentine

Oh, my first Valentine’s Day with my husband was definitely interesting. We had started seeing each other the last week of January, more or less the first week of February. Me being the not-so-romantic type, I didn’t think anything of it with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. Poor Justin calls me to see if I was working, but instead discovered I had a horrible sinus infection. I could barely breathe, let alone talk. So, feeling sort of bad about it, I invited him over for homemade chili.

“I can’t promise that I didn’t over spice it.” I poured us both bowls of chili and full glasses of sweet tea. “My sinus infection is so bad I can barely taste anything…”

“It’s fine!” He insisted as I watched him dump 6 ounces of sour cream and cheese into his bowl. “It tastes fine!”

“Thank you for the giant heart of Turtles and the rose…” Sweat was forming on his forehead as he attempted to eat my super spicy chili. “You don’t have to eat it.”

I was talking with my hands and thus I backhanded my full glass of sweet tea. At this point it was all in slow motion as I watched my glass roll onto its heel. It leaned towards me, but much to my horror it continued its unnatural spin and dumped into Justin’s lap.

“I-AM-SO-SORRY!” I didn’t know what to do or say by this point.

Running a fever, hardly can breath, my horrible chili and now his lap soaked in iced tea… the Valentine’s dinner had went from limping to dead. All-n-all, Justin took it with pride, took care of me, tucked me in bed, and a few days later I called to apologize at how HORRIBLY SPICY the chili was… we still laugh about it.

And now the man begs for chili to be made! This was 10 years ago and we’re still in love!

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