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VTMAS No.23: Hungry Hungry Girlfriend

It’s always an anxious ordeal when you meet the boyfriend’s parents for the first time. I had met them a few times since our “Spicy Valentine’s Day” but here we were verging into November… and we are driving 7 hours in the same car as them to Miami from Orlando for the NASCAR race.

As expected, my now-husband Justin starts giving me the rundown of what might happen, as well as what I should and should not do. One of these was to order food within my means and I looked at him funny. He apparently had a girlfriends in the past order a meal and one to go practically. I took his warning to heart the day we left the hotel to go to the Homestead race track.

For breakfast, we had pulled into an IHOP and I ordered my usual meal. Much to my fear, I could barely eat anything on my plate. Looking back, perhaps I had gotten myself too worked up or nervous about this day. Over thinking everything he had made a big deal over had filled me. Anyhow I took only a few bites and couldn’t bare to do anymore.

By the time we pulled into the raceway in Homestead, FL I was starving again. They kept mentioning that there would be food in the tent we were designated to attend. By the time we got there, the all-you-can-eat buffet had been, well, eaten. My tummy grumbled as I scrapped what was left of the salad and munched on it. All I could picture in my head was the breakfast I should have been able to eat…

Now we were leaving, I was starving as the sun disappeared and we were stuck in the massive lines of traffic. Lucky for me, the in-laws pulled off at the next exit and pulled into a Bennigan’s. I looked through that menu, my stomach yelling its insane food demands.

Leaning over to Justin I whispered to him, “I’m so sorry, baby. I am starving… don’t kill me when I order…”

He gave me the Don’t you dare do it glare.

I ordered the chicken breast and steak combo with 2 sides and a salad.

Worse, I finished it before my Father-in-law could finish his steak.

Even more horrible, I ordered dessert, ate all of it… and finished both Justin and his mother’s dessert for them.

But, my father-in-law was grinning and he still loves to share the story of how I out ate even him…

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