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VTMAS No.31: Who Did It?

As a parent, it can be fun to feign ignorance to your four year old or ask a series of questions that will reward you with comedic gold. In this case, it was not what I expected to happen.

“Mom! Linky pooped his pants!” Exclaimed my 4-year old. “He’s stinky!”

Grinning, I decided to act as if I had not heard him, “You mean the Dog pooped his pants?!”

“No..” He giggled, “Dudley doesn’t have pants! It was-“

“DADDY!” I gave my best shocked face, the husband unaware as he perused his cell phone. “Daddy pooped his pants!”

“No!” There was the foot stomp. “LINKY!”

“Oh! Link!” Smiling I questioned further, “Are you sure? Did you check?”

Looking down at his one-year old baby brother, he crouched and looked down the backside of the diaper. “Wait, there’s nothing there…”

Before I could respond, the 4 year old walked over the dog, lifted his tail and took a very awkward close sniff and I DIED.

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