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VTMAS No.32: The Manatees

I love to go fishing, so there will be plenty of fishing stories to share. If you have no clue what a manatee or dugong is, pretty much they are big grey underwater cows that graze freely in the waters around Florida’s coast. We often fish the brackish waters of the intracoastal where estuaries house manatees and dolphins with their newborn babies.

Where am I going with this? Well, being the lucky person I am, without fail one thing usually happens while cast out my line….

I had decided to bottom fish, so now the pull bent to the weight of the weight that were adorning the bottom of my line. Satisfied that I had hooked the shrimp firm enough not to flick off on this cast, which would need me to fling it with a lot more speed and effort, I gave it my best slung. My eyes sparkled as I watch it go further out than I had hoped. As I prepped to celebrate my beautiful cast, weighted more so than I am accustomed to, it hit the water… failing to sink.

Perplexed, I suddenly saw the two large nostrils in their whiskered gray ball. I gasped, covering my mouth as I realized I hit a manatee on the head. It continued to push its head out of the water, two angry squinty eyes looked my way as I furrow my brow.

It opened it’s mouth and I was greeted with, HHHHOOOOONNNNNNNKKKKK!

The manatee was mad. Snorting at me he continued on his way.

“Was that a manatee honking at you?” My husband was unhooking a fish from his line as he raised an eyebrow at me. “What on earth did you do?”

“I, um, hit him on the head with all that weight…” Confessing, a was reeling my line back in.

“Only you…. only you…” He muttered as he began laughing.

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