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VTMAS No.44: The Brown Starfish

We had gone fishing and we both were geeking out that in the bait bucket there was a little brown starfish. At the time we had a saltwater tank at home and were ecstatic to get a freebie to add into the aquarium.

We got home and the husband nearly ran to the computer.

Uh oh… I thought as I giggled. He’s going to attempt to google “brown starfish” with no filter on the search…

It was barely a few minutes when he came out pale and sickly.

“What’s wrong, honey?” I tried to hide my grin with a concerned face.

“Never-ever search for brown starfish on the internet.” He shuddered, “It’s all assholes… literally.”

I died laughing and when we look back at this moment we still giggle about it. This is a prime example of how dangerous the internet can be at times.

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