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VTMAS No.51: Savannah Gas Station

Sometimes I forget to warn the new relatives of my immaculate ability to have weird things happen to me. This was a tiny road trip that myself, Husband, and his cousin Jennifer took to secure some Pralines from the Riverside Shoppe in Savannah. That place has some mad delicious candied pecans too!

 As we headed out, Justin informed us he really had to pee, and thus we pulled into a gas station. Jennifer and I looked to one another as he exited the car and immediately locked the car doors. It was nearing midnight I think, but this place looked shady.

 “Hey now,” I smirked, “Check this guy out.”

 I brought attention to a man in a trenchcoat walking up the sidewalk nearing the store’s entrance. He seemed flinchy, looking around a lot as he paused at the store’s door.

 “He looks like he’s going to rob the place.” Jennifer shifted nervously in the driver seat. “I bet he’s checking for cops…”

 “No,” Laughing I pointed out, “He doesn’t have pantyhose on his head. Maybe he’s here to buy some!”

 She started to chuckle, “Yea, he’s gonna buy it then put it on and rob the place all while Justin’s in the bathroom.”

 About this time we watched the man enter the store and immediately stop at the first spinning merchandise stand. We paled, it was a spinner full of pantyhose.

 “Ok, now it’s not funny anymore…” mumbled Jennifer.

 “Maybe he just needs pantyhose for his girlfriend,” I muttered, “Or for himself…”

 Now we see Justin coming out of the bathroom. He heads for the drink aisle, but suddenly he makes a face. His brow scrunches up so much we can see it from the car as he peers over at the trench coat man. Befuddled, he snaps out of it and quickly heads to the register. There is a pause in his checkout. Trench coat guy is holding up his selection, asking the cashier something. Justin’s face is red, we can tell he’s holding in laughter or some other reaction. Jennifer and I are leaning forward, anticipating something to go down; a robbery?

 “Oh man…” chuckled Justin getting into the truck. “That was weird.”

 I watch as the man makes his pantyhose purchase, “We joked he was gonna rob the place after he bought the pantyhose…”

Jennifer was laughing as she started to back the car out. “I didn’t think he was really gonna hit the panyhose section though!”

 “Well, he asked the cashier which one would be better…” Rubbing his forehead, Justin’s brows lifted high, “And the cashier said, What does it matter, it’s going on your head anyway.”

We died. All we could joke about is that’s the gas station they go to for supplies before robbing a different one down the road.

Picture from Pixabay by “Unsplash”:

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