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VTMAS No.25: You Broke It!

As a recap, I had a cat named Charmander who was a black and white Maine Coon mix. He was a huge 35 pound monster that was bigger than most small dogs who made amazing facial expressions and super smart. I’ve already shared my husband’s first meeting with him Val Tell me a Story No. 13 so I will share another epic moment with you all.

I was about 2 months pregnant with my first kid and some awesome friends of mine got me a automatic scooping kitty litter box. Charmander watched in wonder as we set it up and when we turned to him and told him it was all his to try out, he gave it the Char-Char inspection. Satisfied he had looked over all the detail he entered and peed. Instead of burying it like normal, he actually exited and waited to see what would happen.


It kicked on and started to scoop up the clump and away it went into the side dump box. His yellow eyes were wide as he stared at it, then us, and back to it again. Purring erupted from him and he nudged the side of the kitty litter box happily. He loved the new self-scooping box.

I woke up in the middle of the night needing to pee, and if you’ve been around a pregnant lady, we tend to do this a lot. Grabbing a quick glass of water to drink, I watched as our other cat, a tiny black and white cat named Caterpie, jumped into the litter box. The problem was is she likes to dig and play in the litter and thus, the kitty litter box started its cycle and wouldn’t stop.

Charmander furrowed his brow, a pure look of concern and upset on his face as he looked to me and then to the never ending run of the new kitty litter box. With a sigh, I unplugged it.

“Sorry, Buddy, Caterpie broke it.” He glowered at Caterpie and snorted out his nose. “We’ll have to wait for Daddy to fix it in the morning.”

Another nasty look to Caterpie that could only be read as him saying, YOU BROKE IT!

I went back to the bedroom, Charmander followed me in but I couldn’t get Caterpie to come. She was an annoying cat. If I closed the door all the way without her in the room she would scratch at it as soon as I fell asleep. Sighing I cracked the door and crawled into bed. At this point I realized Charmander didn’t follow me into bed and I rolled over to see he laid by the door, his back feet against the door.

He was up to something, and so I watched in silence.

Like clockwork, the door creeped open just enough so Caterpie could poke her head through and look for Charmander. She knew he was pissed.


I jerked as Charmander kicked the door with so much force that it slammed on Caterpie’s head and she was stuck. Satisfied he had gotten his revenge, he backed his foot up and she ran off into the living room. He stood, closed the door completely with a front paw, started to purr extrememly loud, and came up on the bed to claim his spot.

No one breaks Charmander’s things without ample punishment.

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