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VTMAS No.29: Charmander’s Quota

There I was, standing in the kitchen when a wolf spider crawled out from its hiding spot and stood in the middle of the floor. It makes my skin crawl, but I caught my black and white maine coon mix sitting in the kitchen entry way staring at the bug.

“Quick, Charmander! Get it!” His yellow eyes looked up at me with an unamused expression. “Kill it, buddy!”

Slowly, he stood to his feet and casually walked up to the spider. It shifted away a few inches and the cat snorted. Looking up at me, he took a few steps toward the living room, paused and stared at me. This was his way of getting me or the husband to follow him. With a reluctant sigh, I did as I was asked. We traversed the living room, and then he led me into the guestroom and stopped. A half coo half meow escaped him as he sat down. Again, he looked at me, to the ground at his feet and back to me again. Stepping around him I see what he was trying to show me: a crumpled dead spider on the floor.

“Are you telling me you met your quota for spider killing?” Another coo and he ran off… leaving me to face the kitchen spider alone.

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