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VTMAS No.43: Don’t You Dare Cleanup


Either you know what I just said or wondering why this word should be significant. Growing up it was the family outing to go to the Mud Hole and later in my life it was our dating, fiancee and married couple thing to do.

What is Mudding? 

It is often a “sport” involving vehicle, mainly trucks, driven through mud holes or muddy swampy bits, in an attempt to not get stuck and get super messy. Strangely enough, it can be very fun and exhilarating and for the cost of a tank of fuel and a cooler of beer, you can’t beat it in times where cash flow is tight.

This story is about a time we were out for a small gathering. On our side of the hole was me, my husband and some friends of ours while on the far side were the high schoolers who were new to the sport and art  of “not getting your truck stuck.” Our mudding vehicle was an old green 96 Chevy truck… in fact here’s a picture from that day with the high schoolers in the back.

My husband loved running through it with the windows down so naturally as he passed close enough to the group, one of the girls caught his attention. I watched as he spoke with her and saw him motion with one finger “Hold on” and started driving back to our side where I stood.

“What is he doing?” asked my friend Denise.

“I guarantee one of the girls is begging to go for a ride.” I laughed, “And on my side of the truck you can’t see the floor because there are so many soda cans.”

The truck came to a stop, “Babe, the high schooler girl wants me to run her through the mud. I told her I had to ask you first.”

“Smart man!” Giggled Ralph, Denise’s significant other.

“Sure…” Smirking, the others laughed as they heard the clanking of him attempting to clear the cans free of the floor. “Oh no you don’t! Don’t you dare cleanup for her, cause you didn’t do that for me and I’m your wife. In fact, she also has to keep her window down.”

At this very moment there was glimmer of mischief in my husband’s eyes as he proudly returned the mess and rolled down the passenger side of the window. “Anything for you, baby!”

It was very entertaining to watch as he drove over, came to a stop, she opened the door and 3 bright green Mountain Dew can fell out. She paused, her face twisted in disgust as she was reluctant to climb in. The boys in her posse began whooping and shooed her into the truck. As soon as the truck door closed, Justin floored the truck; you could hear her yelping ans squealing.

The muddy rollercoaster ride came to an end. A mud covered girl came tumbling out in a plethora of colorful soda cans and we died laughing. In fact, half her crew were on the ground rolling over the feat.

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