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VTMAS No.52: Office Girls in a Mud Truck

If you haven’t noticed, I am quite the Jill-of-Trades and have a mixed bag for a resume. One of the jobs a held was in a office, managing accounts, where I was required to doll up. Button-up blouses, medium to long skirts, and modest makeup was a must.

You can imagine that I looked forward to my lunch breaks and after a while my co-worker Alisha and I developed a routine. Wednesday was Chili-dog day at 7-11, and Monday I think was Kappy’s the local cheesesteak joint, and every thing in between.

On this particular day we were just heading to the fast food drive thru of Wendy’s, but we were smirking.

With a twinkle in my eye I looked over to Alisha, “I’ll drive! I have the truck!”

“The truck?” We were rushing out the door before anyone stopped us. “Justin’s truck?”

“Yea!” Walking around the corner there it was; A big green dented to hell and covered in mud Chevrolet extended cab. “At least we’ll be even with the window for a change!”

We were laughing as we awkwardly climbed into the thing, hold our skirts from flying over our heads as the wind blew. I started it, rev’ing the motor loudly which sent us into a fit of childish giggling. Those other office women were probably fussing about it inside the break room, but we didn’t care.

Ker-Klunk! I put the beater in reverse, she rolled backwards as I turned the wheel. Bump! The front tire hit the curb, so I gave it some gas. The truck lifted and dropped frighteningly fast – maybe that was too much gas!

“You hit the curb!” Alisha squealed, chuckling. “Justin is gonna be mad!”

“No, I ran over the curb…” It was hard to breathe, it was like someone had given us both a huge dose of laughing gas. “It’s fine! He does that all the time!”

We could barely order our food, the looks this corporate heavy area was earning us was priceless. A huge green muddy truck with two cackling office women was making people smile, shake their heads, or flat out give us dirty looks. Even the drive thru window cashier was shocked to see us at eye level for a change. Then again, we probably looked like we were on drugs as wildly as we were giggling as I hit, drove over, another curb leaving the Wendy’s.

Picture of the actual truck taken by Valerie Willis or Justin Willis.

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