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VTMAS No.40: Grandpa & The New TV

It’s heartbreaking to know that my Grandfather-in-law just passed away on July 21st. One of my fondest memories was during the time my husband I were temporarily living in the house. We were in the process of closing on a new home, but the date got pushed back well past our End-of-Lease date for the rental we were in. So, we huddled into the small back bedroom with our two large dogs at Grandma and Grandpa’s place. To make things more interesting, they were still in the finishing stages of completing the addition where the carport once had been.

Needless to say, we ended up being my In-law’s on-site superintendents and on occasion installers. One afternoon a box came in that was massive. My mother-in-law’s brand new 50″ Plasma TV had arrived and we giggled in excitement to see what this bad boy could do. We lugged grandpa’s tiny TV off to the side, propped the 50″ flat screen in its place and marvelled over the sheer size and quality of picture.

The day went on as normal and I can’t recall where we went, but we rolled in the door close to midnight and noticed a light in the living room window.

“Did we forget to turn off the light?” Just scratched his head, since we aimed to be stealthy on our late night return. “Oh, did we leave Mom’s new TV on?”

“No,” I smiled, “I turned it off, but maybe your grandparents were watching it.”

We were doing our best to tip toe in the door. As it slowly squeaked open, we stood blinking at the scene before us. In our rush to install and check out this massive TV, we had failed to move Grandpa’s chair back. He was on the edge of his seat, eyes wide as he leaned right to left and back again following the cowboys and indians racing across the mile wide screen. His nose was barely a foot away as he marvelled, “My God, it’s like I am there.”

Justin and I burst into laughter for a moment, before we could catch our breath.

“Grandpa,” giggled Justin, “You need to move your chair back!”

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