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Hello Readers, Followers, Fans and the Curious!

I haven’t done an update in a while, so here’s a run down on where I am with my pile of writing assignments. A lot of questions and eyes coming through my internet doors as of late and it seems I owe you some news on novels and what else might be going on and may be of interest for you all. Take in a deep breath, because this list is  much bigger than even I realized and I will let you know where these sit on my priorities list and where to find them if interested. Also, at the bottom of each section I tried to include the blurb if one was available for it!


The Oracle

This is the 3rd book in The Cedric Series that I am currently laying into its first draft format. Sadly I am going slower than I wanted on this project, but it’s shaping out and looking stellar. A lot of character development to look forward to including Cedric, Angeline, Romasanta, Nyctimus, Tony and Lillith. I know that seems like a far stretch of characters, but I already know you guys will be grinning and screaming as you read it. This is going to be the thickest book in the series so far with some heavy chapters. Working through Chapters four and five so I still have a long way to go since my normal amount is 20-25 chapters on average. Later this year I will post at least the first chapter to help keep your appetite rolling, but for now keep close eyes on my Twitter Account ( @Valerie_Willis ) for snippets of what I am working on both edit and writing wise with this novel.

Sorry no blurb yet!! At a snap shot expect lots of love and catching up between Cedric and Angeline, epic adventure to get to the Oracle at the top of Mt. Parnassus guarded by dragons, and a new dynamic between Tony and Lillith.



Judgment is the second installment for the Tattooed Angels Trilogy and is currently going through another round of editing. I finished the first draft back in December, but bare with me as I polish this novel. Readers will be taking a ride with Talib, Hotan’s older brother, as a means to see exactly how this mess started. Origin story and a fast-paced fling through the centuries with strong influences from historical events will be relived first hand. A lot of loophole checking, clarity, and even bulking out is happening as I polish this rich story. If you are dying to sample this after that horrible cliffhanger in Rebirth I invite you to travel to a few places on the internet to read the current drafts of the first FOUR Chapters. That’s right, giving you guys a good sized sample of this novel over on both WATTPAD and INKITT! Please don’t hesitate to leave feedback, comments, likes and dislikes. I highly enjoy reviewing and responding to you all. Once again, also keep and I on my Twitter Account for snippets of what I am currently editing and writing. The manuscript is currently sitting at 80,500 words and growing as I fill in missing information and refine roughed out scenes!

Talib and Hotan find themselves facing off with the element of Death, Iapetos. Failing to take him out, Talib’s life starts flashing before him. As he experiences thousands of years, things that were once forgotten begin to emerge. Will he find the answer in his past in time to aid Hotan?


From the River

From the world of Cedric, I cannot help but make spin-offs of what other parts of the world may be like or experiencing. This is one prime example of that, and frankly, a novel idea I am getting a lot of good reactions and reviews for since I roughed out a solid first chapter a while back. It initially was for a submission for a Paranormal Romance story, but I can’t let it sit in the dark. Find out more about this novel concept and read the first chapter over on INKSHARES. For now this story will have to sit on the back burner, but if you all start giving it a lot of attention I will be forced to complete it out. A fun read for sure if you are looking for something with a whole new feel and spin! Also know that you can read the first chapter on Wattpad and Inkitt as well.

Katie’s Marine Biology internship in the Amazon turns into a terrifying paranormal love struggle between the top supernatural predators for that region: The River King, Lobisomem, and Matinta Perera. Locals warn she may find herself cursed…


Realm of Daemonis

If anyone has noticed this novel, it has definitely been put in the back of my list. I feel bad, because I really want to write this one since it all was spurred by this amazingly rich dream of this fantastical world where braid knots represent the caste/class system in the world. For now I have the snippet that follows my dream from start to finish for everyone to check out over on Inkshares and Inkitt.

Prince Dante of The House’s bloodeaters aims to change his destiny, while war wages on against The Court and The King.


The White Ram Law Associates

Ok you guys… I see this insane reader count that keeps growing by the minute on this originally intended for a short story piece. Again, this is a spin-off from the world of Cedric and even features our favorite bartender and hang out, The Lion’s Den. I will eventually give this spin-off my full attention when I get The Cedric Series far along enough for Selene and her compadres to work in parallel with the series. Yes, you will get this dual story perspective and referencing back into one another… but I can’t do this until I get further in the Cedric Series to do this experimental style spin-off. For now, you can enjoy the initial short story over on Wattpad and Inkitt.

A bright neon sign warms Selene’s face as she reads the flamboyant lion headed logo, “The Lion’s Den Tavern.” Inside waits The White Ram Law Associates’ President, ready to offer her a job…


Short Stories

On occasion I write short stories for a wide variety of reasons. Some of them are an idea I want to flesh out better, other times its for themed submissions. A lot of these don’t get posted since a lot of the places, magazines and publishers alike, prefer unpublished/unsolicited work. Don’t be too upset if a Short Story I had posted disappears in order to comply with requirements for these pitches and when I hear news of publications featuring any of my work I will announce it on my sites and blogs. For now, my most recent short story can be found in A World of Their Own Anthology called Destiny’s Game. US: UK:


Typesetting & Editing

A new thing that is happening with me in 2016 is I am now doing some Typesetting work. That’s right, formatting and layout for inside books and ebooks. It’s super fun and I highly enjoy being the visual coordinator for the readers and authors. If you are a fan of Grimbold Books or Kristell Ink Publishing, than you’ll be seeing my touch here and there with their recent publications. Here is my current list of work (not including my own novels):

Kristell Ink Publishing:

On occasion I will be picking up small editing jobs as well. Right now I am sticking with short stories and articles since my time is limited and I have a full plate as it stands.


Brass Collar Games

Did I say I had a long list of stuff going on? Well on this list is Brass Collar Games, an indie-game developer company. I am a shareholder and active part of this project which is a cross-genre tabletop role-playing dice game. Look forward to announcements for readers, play-testers, and more in the near future as we draft out the first two books for this amazing game.

Expect talking animal and plant people, cybernetics, airships, magic and tech mixed gear, magical dress up time, and much more! A flare of 1950’s Americana meets fantasy steampunk and cyber punk all while encouraging flares for martial arts and Chinese opera elements. There is something here for every sort of player with an unique game engine.



Rebooting this series over on my WordPress Blog. Occasionally I may post new ones, but until I finish some of these projects listed above, most of it will be limited to what I am actively doing at a given point in time. I eventually will be aiming to retire, or redirect my blogspot version since the formatting, stats, scheduling and auto-posting option on wordpress relieve a lot of my headaches.



Oh, that’s right! Almost forgot that I am currently roughing out preparations on a few workshops I will be hosting this year. The subjects I am aiming for at the moment are Character Development, Prepping a Manuscript for Self-Publishing, Typesetting with Word, and possibly even Book Cover Design. Keep an eye out on Facebook and other places for announcing when and where I will be doing these events!

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